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Modernization of punch press technology

        The punch manufacturer told us that we should pay special attention to improve the prime motor power utilization and prevent the impact and vibration when the pressure relief, to ensure safety and reliability, because the punch is the use of hydraulic transmission skills for pressure processing equipment, can be used to end all kinds of forging and pressure forming processing.

        The punch press is an equipment for pressure machining by means of hydraulic transmission skills. It can be used to finish various forging and pressure forming processes. For example, the forging of steel, the formation of metal structures, plastic products and rubber products, such as restrictions. Punch is one of the early hydraulic transmission machinery, now hydraulic transmission has become the primary form of pressure processing machinery transmission.

        According to the requirements of the limiting process, the basic working cycle (at any direction) should be suspended for the main cylinder to finish the fast downlink, for the deceleration, for the maintenance and calendering, for the pressure relief and return trip, and the pressure, speed and pressure maintenance time should be adjusted. The ejecting hydraulic cylinder is mainly used for ejecting working parts. It requires that the ejecting, retracting and aborting actions can be completed. Such as the thin plate stretch, and requires the jacking of the hydraulic cylinder up, stop and pressure return and other auxiliary actions. Sometimes also need to press the blank cylinder, in order to prevent the surrounding wrinkle.


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