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Press automatic production line production process

        With the change of demand for punch press, people put forward higher quality requirements for active production of punch press. Now the market on fine punch, CNC punch, servo punch, hydraulic punch, manipulator, feeder and other active machine equipment demand is increasing, punch manufacturers constantly adjust the development strategy, in order to remain invincible in high-performance punch equipment.

        In the active stamping production process, the entire active stamping production line, the use of pneumatic high-precision punch or high-speed punch equipment stamping, in special cases can complete the instantaneous stop, the punch speed is fast, high precision, with feeding and receiving peripheral equipment and multiple sets of manipulator transfer data and products, easy to complete the active stamping. What are the details of the active production line process? Let's learn more:

        1. Use manual or active feeder to lift the whole board and large board to the feeding rack of the production line;

        2, transfer manipulator to take the initiative to draw a large plate to transfer to the opening table;

        3, XY two axis active feeding manipulator, according to the good molding active opening, opening action is row by row by column;

        4, each open a piece of data, active stamping manipulator to draw data to punch press;

        5, stamping manipulator will be based on stamping process (the number of punch) equipment, the manipulator will be the product from the horse table punch step by step back;

        6, fine punch active stamping;

        7, stamping manipulator will send the products to the product box.

        Now press development is moving toward hyperfine, pluralism, the direction of the initiative in carrying out, about the trend of punching precision, high speed movement trend, exercise more, multiple trend, the trend of high reliability, multi-function trend, the trend of the reconfigurable, low energy consumption, environmental protection, such as the trend and the trend of the intelligent, but of all the trends, very can behave in the mainstream trends should be of high precision and intelligence. High precision is the main trend of CNC punch, and the precision of ultra-fine machining is an order of magnitude higher than that of fine machining.


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