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What is the method of choosing small precision punch?

        Here are seven ways to choose small precision punch press for your reference:

        One, look at configuration

        The core configuration of small precision punch directly affects its performance, life and failure rate, so the core configuration is also an important index to evaluate the quality of high speed punch.

        Second, check strength

        Brand, market share, user reputation, mold manufacturer evaluation, annual capacity, years of production experience, the comprehensive strength of production enterprises.

        Excellent lubrication system

        Because the stroke (speed) per minute of small precision punch is very high, so it has high requirements on the lubrication system, only the use of forced lubrication system, with the function of lubrication anomaly detection small precision punch can effectively reduce the probability of failure due to lubrication.

        Test performance

        We suggest that customers purchase the high-speed punch which has been tested for at least 500,000 times of continuous high-speed performance under the conditions of "constant temperature rise", "constant temperature rise" and "accelerated temperature rise". High speed punch, which has been tested at least 500,000 times for continuous high speed performance before the products are delivered to customers, ensures zero failure

        Fifth, whether the after-sales service is perfect

        We must strictly inspect the policies and regulations of small precision punch manufacturers concerning installation and debugging, operation training, warranty, consumables, wearing parts and technical guidance.


        6. Whether the safety and protection measures are in place

        Safety precautions include: sudden stop call, wrong operation, overload, emergency stop button, etc.

        High precision and high quality

        High speed punch is precision punch, which is suitable for stamping small precision parts, so it is very important to investigate the precision of high speed punch. We recommend that customers purchase high speed punch presses with precision conforming to JIS premium standard and precision range within 0.02mm.


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