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How to maintain CNC punch press?

        Moisten fat spit out oil quantity and pressure inspection function test and adjustment. Air system filter, oil feeder adjustment valve and other functions, moisture content inspection and necessary adjustment. 3. Air pressure switch setting check and pressure check function check and adjustment. Check the setting value of the indicator switch and the measured value. With the adjustment. Check whether the sprocket, chain, transmission shaft, worm gear and other components are loose, out of order and chain tension. With the adjustment. The upper cover of gear box is disassembled, the internal parts are worn out and the keys are loose, and the oil groove is cleaned, the CNC turret punch press of lubricating oil is renewed, and the working condition, noise and vibration are checked. Check the discharge amount and pressure of the oil injection point at each part of the transmission system. With the adjustment. Check the piston action, brake Angle, off-brake gap and meter gauge of the off-brake arrangement. With necessary adjustments.

        Check the gap between the sliding guide and the guide and the friction surface. Adjust and correct if necessary. Flywheel bearings such as manual lubrication grease and pipeline, the first inspection. Balance cylinder operation condition and oil lubrication system oil circuit, followed by the first inspection. Inspection insulation impedance of motor circuit and electrical operating circuit. Check the accuracy of the machine (perpendicularity, parallelism, general gap, etc.), adjust and correct if necessary. The appearance and accessories of the punch are cleaned, checked and the mechanical legs (foundation) are fastened with screws, nuts and horizontal inspection are adjusted if necessary. Cleaning, maintenance and inspection of the lubrication system, pipeline valves, etc. Cleaning, maintenance and operation inspection of pneumatic components and piping in the air system.

        Use 3000-4000 hours to maintain the function of photoelectric safety equipment and check and adjust projection Angle and area. Another aspect of the electrical system, contact wear. Check, inspect and adjust the switch box of double falling rotating CAM and the function of emergency stop. Overload maintenance equipment for oil line cleaning, oil room cleaning, oil replacement and pressure action and function inspection and adjustment. Check and adjust the wear and tension of main motor V belt. Disassemble and decompose all components (excluding flywheel) for cleaning and maintenance, check, adjust, install and debug. Disassemble, disassemble, clean, check and assemble the balancer and j component. Use 6000-8000 hours to maintain and disassemble the saw tooth connecting rod, clean and maintain the saw tooth and connecting rod thread bite and wear condition, and polish, grind the bite surface and apply grease. Slider Assembly (ball seat, cover. Overload hydraulic cylinder, worm gear, worm, etc.), disassemble, clean and maintain, ask gap adjusting pad and wear surface, check oil seal and apply lubricating grease from head to head. Disassemble, disassemble and clean the die MATS. Check the wear surfaces and apply grease from the head.


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