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Environmental protection and safety production of high speed precision punch pre

        The pollution occurring in the overproduct of high speed precision punch machine manufacturing mainly includes the following types:

        (1) During the punch processing, emulsion is often used for cooling and smoothing. The emulsion contains caustic soda, oleic soap, ethanol and phenol.

        (2) The metal surface shall be treated as the primary pollutant of sewage, such as chromium, brocade, zinc and other metals, and sulfuric acid, sodium fluoride (potassium fluoride) and other chemicals shall be added; In the metal surface spray paint, plastic spray, asphalt, some paint particles, benzene, toluene, xylene, cresol melting plastic residue and asphalt are discharged into the atmosphere; Surface oxidation treatment, often will produce waste acid, waste alkaline hydrogen chloride gas.

        (3) Primary pollutants discharged by metal heat treatment. If the heating furnace has a smoke umbrella and slag; When quenching, to prevent the remaining oxidation, sometimes in the salt solution furnace towel need to shuiqin, silica gel and silicon calcium iron and other deoxidizer, the group of all waste salt slag.

        (4) Exudates from certain production processes. The outer coating of the electrode and flux will decompose the polluted gas; The working medium can also produce waste liquid and waste gas which pollute the environment.

        Adopt green processing technique and technological method. It is an urgent problem for the manufacturing industry to solve.

        High speed precision punch must be produced safely. All personnel should establish the concept of "safety first", understand and strictly implement the relevant safety and technical regulations.

        (1) Common safety accidents of high-speed precision punch include scratches, cuts, bruising, scratches and eye injuries caused by equipment, chips and welding slag; The damage caused by various moving parts of machines to human body and clothes due to entanglement and winding; Electric shock caused by electricity; Scalding or burning caused by high temperature; Physical discomfort or poisoning caused by harmful gases, liquids, etc.

        (2) Key measures to avoid safety accidents of high-speed precision punch press: obey the command of company leaders; Strictly follow the plant safety operation rules of the equipment; Establish safety consciousness and self-protection consciousness;

        (3) General requirements for safe operation in the process of machinery manufacturing: strictly comply with the requirements of clothing. Wear regular protective equipment as required; Check the safety of the press before starting up to ensure no fault before working; It is forbidden to measure the scale or check the surface roughness of the parts when the machine is working. Use all cleaning materials as required to clean the machine.


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