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How to operate the punch safely, how to train the new staff to operate the punch

        In many industries that use punch operation, experienced masters know how to operate punch safely in the production process, but the factory always has staff turnover, the new operator does not know how to operate punch safely. Today, I will make some safe operation procedures for you.


        Check whether the moving part of the press is filled with lubricating oil before work. Then start the punch press and check whether the clutch and brake are normal, and empty the machine for 1-3 minutes, do not operate when the machine is in trouble.


        Second, when the mold is replaced, the power should be turned off first. The installation and debugging of the mold can not start until the punch moving department stops running.


        3. After installation and adjustment, the flywheel shall be carried by hand for two test flusher, and the punch press shall not be started until it is checked correctly.


        Four, must wait for other personnel to leave the punch work area, and take away the sundries on the work table, can start the power to start the punch.


        Five, punch start, by one person transport material and punch operation, other people are not allowed to press the power construction or foot pedal switch board, more can not put the hand into the punch work area or touch the movement of the press by hand.


        6. When the press is working, do not extend your hand into the slider work area, and do not take or release the work pieces by hand. Tools conforming to the standard must be used when taking and releasing parts from the die.


        In case of abnormal sound or machine failure of the punch press, the power switch should be immediately turned off for inspection.


        Eight, the operation must be thought concentrated, strictly prohibit to chat, cooperate with each other, ensure the operation safety.


        Each shift shall not exceed eight hours. The operator shall not operate under the condition of irritability and fatigue to avoid accidents


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