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What is pneumatic punch and what is mechanical punch?

        Pneumatic punch press pneumatic punch press USES the high-pressure gas produced by the compressor, the compressed gas is transported to the solenoid valve through the pipeline, the solenoid valve is controlled by the foot switch to control the action of the cylinder to work and return, so as to achieve the purpose of punching.

        What is mechanical punching machine mechanical punching machine, also known as mechanical punching machine, it is the use of compressed air pump provided by the compressed air into the cylinder through the solenoid valve, drive the piston to the main shaft so that the formation of downward movement of the main shaft, so as to form a punch, so that the workpiece in the mold deformation specified and achieve the purpose of processing.

        Pneumatic punch and mechanical punch in those aspects there are different pneumatic punch and mechanical punch in braking: pneumatic punch: the use of pneumatic (hydraulic) clutch, good safety; Mechanical punch: ratchet clutch safety is poor; Pneumatic punch 6 side guide, precision is good, mechanical punch is generally four side guide, precision is not good to use punch stamping die, pneumatic punch is less noise than mechanical punch


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